Talent Benchmarking

Talent Measurement & Global Benchmarking

Financial and Business Analysis takes game-changing skills. That’s why Talent Measurement matters.

[one_fourth first]Enabling Growth

  • Selling more
  • Increasing savings
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    [one_fourth]Increasing Efficiency

  • Maximising productivity
  • Reducing time-to-hire
  • [/one_fourth]

    [one_fourth]Reducing Risk

  • Higher work accuracy
  • Meeting compliance targets
  • [/one_fourth]

    [one_fourth]Transforming the Organisation

  • Better customer service
  • Better insight of talent
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    ModelOff Training helps you measure, develop, and transition your talent for success. A clear picture of your talent’s current capabilities and a roadmap of future potential – across the enterprise, by function, or by level – across Financial Services and Microsoft Excel. There’s a high importance for skilled workers in Financial & Investment Analysis. Prioritise how your acquire, build and keep talent for the future.

    Solving Talent Skills Challenges

    • Determine gaps between current talent and business demands.
    • Identify individual/organizational strengths and weaknesses.
    • Assess/increase bench strength in key roles.
    • Evaluate talent capabilities using clear, measurable competency maps.
    • Examine individual/team/functional alignment with organizational strategy and objectives.
    • Provide objective, practical feedback that yields concrete results in staff development.
    • Identify new talent from your pipeline.
    • Proactively place talent to deliver on new strategic or operational initiatives.



    Why Measure Talent?

    Organisations often succeed or fail according to the strength of their people. They are their most costly investment, their biggest risk – and provide their greatest opportunity to stride ahead of competitors.

    We Focus on Professional Skills

    • Financial Modelling and Microsoft Excel
    • Financial Analysis and Financial Anaytics
    • Investment Analysis and Business Analysis

    How Will Talent Measurement Affect My Revenue?

    With Talent Measurement, identify the high achievers within your organisation, and boost your revenue.

    How Can I Improve Talent Insight?

    With best practice assessments you get objective insight into your people’s strength and weaknesses. That drives bottom line business improvement and gives you real business advantage. Organisations are using Talent Measurement and the latest innovations in best practice assessments are already achieving great results.


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